Scooter helmets – Available in Open face, Full face and Half

Scooters are everywhere. Big cities and small towns alike have seen the influx of scooters jetting down side roads and highways alike. Like their big brother motorcycles, scooters are fun and thrilling to ride in the open air. And like motorcycle riders, scooter riders must have a notion of safety in mind while enjoying the ride.
Sales of scooters in the United States have doubled since the year 2000, so says the Motorcycle Industry Council. While motorists overseas have long ridden scooters for their comfort and ease of transportation, many Americans are getting the idea that scooters are an excellent mode of transportation.

Scooters are also popular for one more compelling reason: their impact on the environment. Scooters can boast fuel efficiency ratings upwards of 100 miles per gallon. This phenomenal rating classifies scooters among the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation available. They are also easier on the pocket book for drivers. For single person transportation, the operating costs of a scooter seem minute compared to cars, trucks and SUVs.

Scooter helmets come in many styles, colors and makes. Like motorcycle helmets, scooter helmets are available in full face shield styles, old school retro designs, as well as the smaller open faced models. Regardless of taste and preference, scooter helmets protect the rider from head injury in the event of an accident.

Scooters have seen their popularity rise as gas and oil prices have risen as well. Scooters are well known for their almost unbelievable fuel efficiency. No one can question their popularity now. Young and old, male and female alike have jumped on board the scooter wagon making these highly popular two wheelers visible everywhere. Good protection is key for scooter wearers. Unlike motorcycles with their load pipes and higher profile design, scooters are a little tougher to see by other motorists.

Scooter helmets are a must for every scooter driver. While the ease of utility of scooters makes it tempting to whip around town without the benefit of a proper helmet, scooter riders must consider safety. Scooter helmets are moderately priced and easily affordable.

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