Claustrophobic of full face helmets? Try Skid Lid Helmets

When you see a biker zooming down the road in brain bucket, you know he is serious about bikes. Skid lid helmets satisfy the legal requirements in some areas that have helmet laws, while giving the motorcycle rider the closest thing to an open air ride he can get away with.

Skid lid helmets are incredibly popular. These helmets are often modeled after the novelty helmets many bikers go crazy over; the difference is in the DOT rating skid lids carry. Skid lids are slim and sleek. The low profile gives the biker the next-to-nothing feeling he prefers. Skid lids offer the lowest acceptable protection allowed by DOT standards.

What makes skid lids so popular? Ask any freedom loving biker! Ask him how it feels to go full throttle down an open coastal road wearing a skid lid as opposed to a full face shield. Likely, you will get a little chuckle and the idea that you just have to try it for yourself.

Skid lid, skull cap, brain bucket; no matter what they are called, these smaller helmets come in many styles and colors. They can resemble the German novelty helmets popular with many of the old school riders, down to the basic black some people prefer. The lightweight design of the skid lid makes storing an extra helmet easier as well.

Leathers and rain gear do a lot for protection and comfort in the chilly months of spring and autumn. Rain and wind combined can make for a very uncomfortable ride for an ill prepared biker. But, what about the hot dog days of late summer? For a lot of motorcycle riders, the idea of wearing a full face shield, or any full sized helmet for that matter, will bring on a case of claustrophobia. For riders like this, these shorty helmets are the only way to ride in the heat of July or the baking sun in mid August.

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