Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

Women on motorcycles are an increasingly popular site. The motorcycle industry recognizes female riders as the largest growing sector of motorcycle riders. In fact, this May marks the second year in a row that an entire month has been dedicated to the celebration of women on bikes.

There was a time when the motorcycle industry gave women riders a passing thought, but these days a lot has changed. Gear and accessories have seen a revolution in styles, comfort and colors fit for the curvier class of biker. For the girls who love their rides, this couldn’t have come too soon.

Leather and rain gear now come in sizes that fit the smaller, curvier frame women. Motorcycle riders carry chaps that are made smaller as well. Beyond the novelty lines of clothing for biker women, manufacturers now take the female biker more seriously than ever before.

Motorcycle helmets for women are no exception. Instead of the unisex helmets available everywhere, some helmet models are coming out that are made specifically for the ladies. The sizes run smaller than the unisex or men’s helmet varieties. Male sizes can go up as high as a 4XL. The new breed of motorcycle helmets for ladies start out much smaller.

No matter what, color and style cannot be avoided. Women like to express themselves as much (if not more) than anyone else. Motorcycle helmets are no exception. When you see a pink full face shield zooming past, you know a little something about the rider. Add a few butterflies to that pink and you get an even clearer glimpse into her personality. Motorcycle helmets for women, indeed all motorcycle gear for the girls, is about a lot more than just function and safety. It is about showing the world just who you are.

Women motorcycle helmetMotorcycle helmets for ladies and other motorcycle gear can make the job of shopping for a female biker much easier than ever before. Who could go wrong with a new helmet that is just her style and color?

Another bonus of wearing a pink or other feminine motorcycle helmet is obvious. No husband, brother, boyfriend or son is ever going to use your helmet without asking, leaving you scrambling to find it when the urge strikes to get out on the road. You can bet money on that!

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  1. where can i buy this? o soooooo love it…..please

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