Retro motorcycle helmets – Nothing says “I am old school”

Retro Motorcycle HelmetNothing says “I am old school” quite like scooting around on a chopper with a retro motorcycle helmet. Think Easy Rider, red and white stripes on the sides and a field of blue and white stars on top. Can you get anymore retro than this?

What draws riders to the retro look? As all riders know, the choice to be a rider in the first place revolves around so much more than a choice of transportation. Bikers are what they are as a lifestyle choice. It follows then that the choice of clothing and accessories will reflect that lifestyle.

Sometimes, the dream to own and ride a shiny piece of machinery that rockets through the open air at high rates of speed is born in childhood. Young boys, and girls, first experience that rush when they watch a movie from the glory days. That passion often sticks with them until, as an adult, they can finally afford the ride of their dreams.

Hunting for classic helmets can be a fun pastime, whether your look of choice resembles a German World War II helmet or a white classic half face helmet the buys from the classic show Chips would sport proudly. The tricky part can be finding a safe helmet that reflects your favorite old-school look. Used helmets can be a bargain, but for safety’s sake, they are not a good way to protect your biker cranium.

No matter where you look for your next old school retro bike helmet, do a quick check for the safety of the helmet first. Be sure you know the DOT status of the helmet you buy. Do not mistake a novelty helmet for a real retro helmet. The result could be hazardous to your health.

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