Arai Helmets

The Arai Difference. This simple slogan sums up the entire mission statement for one of the most innovative motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world. The designers behind the Arai name spend hours and hours coming up with new designs aimed at keeping you safe while offering you the very best in comfort and panache.

Arai began its illustrious career some 60 years ago with the vision of one custom hat maker who had a passion for motorcycles. The same company that Hirotake Arai founded so many years ago is still proudly headed by the Arai family who are still committed to the same core values.

Each Arai helmet is almost 100% handmade by some of the most skilled helmet makers in the world. Before any Arai helmet is placed on the shelf, it undergoes three separate quality inspections that ensure that every Arai helmet is the safest and best helmet it can be.

And Arai takes its commitment to its customers one step further by offering a full five-year warranty on each and every helmet they sell. It’s no wonder that Arai helmets are the number one choice for Formula-1, Nascar, and MotoGP racers.

Arai helmets are constructed from a full fiberglass shell designed to absorb the impact and spread it over the widest area while remaining lightweight. The interior of the helmet is designed to be removable so that you can customize your helmet for the best fit. Each ventilation port is designed to provide the maximum amount of ventilation while maintaining the structural integrity of the helmet itself.

Arai specializes in full faced and half helmets for street bikes and motocross helmets for those customers who choose to take riding to the next level. They also offer a full line of parts and accessories that will allow your new Arai helmet to meet your every need.

Arai helmets are not inexpensive, but in the helmet world, you get what you pay for. Arai offers a helmet that you can be confident and comfortable in all day every day for many years to come, long after their cheaper counterparts have given up. The special attention that goes into creating one of the lightest weight, best balanced, and best center of gravity makes these helmets a standout among their competition. So, the next time you think about replacing your full faced or half helmet, why not think about Arai.

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