Scorpion Helmets

Scorpion helmets are the next generation of motorcycle helmets touting the designs of some of the most well known designers in the industry, combining over 150 of experience. Unlike most other helmet manufacturers in the industry today, Scorpion refuses to subcontract other companies to design and manufacture any part of their helmets, choosing instead to retain control of the process from start to finish, ensuring you get the very best product for the very best price.

ScorpionEXO offers a wide array of full faced and half helmets designed to keep you cool comfortable and safe no matter what bike you choose to ride: from screaming street machines to cruisers to off road vehicles both two and four wheeled varieties. ScorpionEXO even offers a line of snow accessories for those customers who prefer to do their damage in the cold.

With such attention to detail and quality, it’s no wonder why riders such as US Freestyle riders Chris “Teach” McNeil and Josh Borne as well as CMA/AMA rider Don Taylor and AMA drag racer Kent Stoltz choose Scorpion as their helmet provider. Scorpion is also the helmet of choice for Dean McDermott.

ScorpionEXO is one of the only helmet manufacturers that have devoted an entire line of helmets and accessories to women. These helmets are not just smaller, pink versions of their men’s line. They ensure that each women’s helmet fits the unique shape of their female customers’ heads.

Scorpion EXO takes their passion for rider comfort and safety far beyond the helmet by offering a full line of both men’s and women’s protective clothing. Jackets, vests, and pants in many different designs, colors and patterns make up the Scorpion EXOWear line.

So, the next time you need to replace your worn out full faced or half helmet, find a Scorpion dealer near you. Their helpful and knowledgeable customer service department will ensure that you receive the helmet you want in the fit and design that you need. Your new Scorpion Helmet will serve you for many years to come, but in the event that it doesn’t, you can be sure that Scorpion will take care of it. Each Scorpion Helmet is backed by a 3 year, no questions asked warranty, so you can shop Scorpion with confidence.

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