Motorcycle Helmets

It’s a proven fact. Motorcycles are a more dangerous mode of transportation than almost any other form of travel. In fact, studies conducted by the federal government indicate that motorcycle accidents are 37 times more likely to result in death than accidents involving vehicles. In 2008, the number of motorcycle fatalities was the highest of any year since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started collecting statistical information.

One of the main contributors to these statistics is the lack of enclosure around the motorcyclist. This is one reason motorcycle helmets are such a vital part of any motorcyclist’s attire. The motorcycle helmet is the single most important piece of safety equipment a motorcyclist can put on to protect themselves against life threatening head injury and death.

In analyses conducted by the NHTSA, the use of motorcycle helmets decrease the likelihood of the risk of death or severe head injury by up to 37%. In fact, helmets have been shown to be highly effective in reducing the number of deaths and crash related brain injuries resulting in lifelong disability. It has been shown that riders that regularly wear helmets are three times less likely to suffer from traumatic head injuries.

Though real-world studies are lacking when it comes to the efficacy of non-DOT approved helmets, or novelty helmets, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has suggested that they do not provide the same beneficial effects as DOT approved helmets. They do, however, provide more protection than riding without a helmet.

In some cases, helmets have been implicated in causing neck injury and contribute to reduced peripheral sight and hearing, though no credible study has been conducted to prove this theory. As a matter of fact, a study conducted in 1994 seemed to prove just the opposite. The study indicated that wearing a helmet neither reduced the ability of the rider to hear horn signals nor prevented the cyclist from seeing vehicles in adjacent lanes prior to changing lanes.

Contrary to popular belief, most motorcycle enthusiasts support mandatory helmet laws. Although the preponderance of support comes from both non-motorcycle riders and motorcyclists in states that require their use, 75% of individuals polled in states that do not require helmet use also support mandatory helmet laws.

Scooter helmets – Available in Open face, Full face and Half

Scooters are everywhere. Big cities and small towns alike have seen the influx of scooters jetting down side roads and highways alike. Like their big brother motorcycles, scooters are fun and thrilling to ride in the open air. And like motorcycle riders, scooter riders must have a notion of safety in mind while enjoying the ride.
Sales of scooters in the United States have doubled since the year 2000, so says the Motorcycle Industry Council. While motorists overseas have long ridden scooters for their comfort and ease of transportation, many Americans are getting the idea that scooters are an excellent mode of transportation.

Scooters are also popular for one more compelling reason: their impact on the environment. Scooters can boast fuel efficiency ratings upwards of 100 miles per gallon. This phenomenal rating classifies scooters among the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation available. They are also easier on the pocket book for drivers. For single person transportation, the operating costs of a scooter seem minute compared to cars, trucks and SUVs.

Scooter helmets come in many styles, colors and makes. Like motorcycle helmets, scooter helmets are available in full face shield styles, old school retro designs, as well as the smaller open faced models. Regardless of taste and preference, scooter helmets protect the rider from head injury in the event of an accident.

Scooters have seen their popularity rise as gas and oil prices have risen as well. Scooters are well known for their almost unbelievable fuel efficiency. No one can question their popularity now. Young and old, male and female alike have jumped on board the scooter wagon making these highly popular two wheelers visible everywhere. Good protection is key for scooter wearers. Unlike motorcycles with their load pipes and higher profile design, scooters are a little tougher to see by other motorists.

Scooter helmets are a must for every scooter driver. While the ease of utility of scooters makes it tempting to whip around town without the benefit of a proper helmet, scooter riders must consider safety. Scooter helmets are moderately priced and easily affordable.

Looking for cheap motorcycle helmets?

It doesn’t matter. Avid rider or brand new novice, any motorcyclist understands the importance of the right riding gear. Next to the model and make of the ride, few other purchases take on the importance that finding the right gear does.

Leathers and chaps must be comfortable for the rider to get the real benefit of wearing them. Why? Because leathers that do not fit like a second skin will never be worn past the first few times he agonizingly tries to make them work. Leathers that are left in the closet at home do nothing in the event the bike is laid down. Leather is the best defense against road rash. Shop carefully.

Rain gear is another purchase bikers make that adds to the pleasure factor of the touring experience. All weather gear lengthens the weeks and months the rider gets to do that which he loves the most; running down the road on his ride of choice.

Select rain gear that is lightweight and durable. The ability to stow the gear away inconspicuously is another feature to look for.

What about helmets? Helmets are the most important purchase a rider can make. The helmet must be quality. DOT accreditation is important as well. Look for high quality at a reasonable price. High priced helmets do not guarantee a premium on safety. Discount helmets are a great find. Regardless of the price, comfort and safety rank highest in the decision of which helmet to choose.

Before settling on a particular helmet, every rider should take inventory of what matters most in a helmet. Full face shields offer protection from wind and rain, as well as insects and other air born debris. Some riders prefer the open feeling of open faced helmets. Other riders want to protect the top of their heads and worry little about the rest. No matter what, discounted motorcycle helmets on closeouts are the way to go.

Carbon Fiber Helmets – Ultimate Safety Helmet

Growing up around motorcycle and motorcycle riders, one thing gets drilled into your head over and over. Safety is the catchphrase heard almost incessantly in a household of bikers. Always wear a helmet. A bike is not a toy. Only ride if you are going to be safe. Bikes are a beautiful piece of mechanized art in motion. Respect the bike, respect the road, and respect your safety.

The latest innovations in technology and safety always give a lifelong rider a thrill. The newest development to send tingles up and down your spine is the advancement in the safety of motorcycle helmets. Carbon fiber helmets, as they are called, are said to be the strongest motorcycle helmets available. The rugged material protects better than fiberglass helmets.

Carbon fibers, though very small in size, possess incredible strength. Although the carbon fiber strand is thinner than a strand of human hair, it is said to be stronger than steel; five times stronger. Carbon fiber helmets have the added safety of durability. This factor makes them more likely to withstand penetration of foreign objects than traditional fiberglass helmets. The chance of the rider becoming impaled through the helmet in the unfortunate situation of an accident is significantly lessened.

Carbon fiber helmets are made from strong carbon fibers coated with acrylic resin. This process produces a lightweight shell that belies its own strength. The carbon fiber helmet is better suited to absorb impact than traditionally manufactured helmets.

Carbon fiber helmets are made of durable and flexible materials. The helmets are lightweight and comfortable. The composite material, made up of carbon fibers and glass, is designed to be lightweight for the helmet wearer while providing durable protection.

Carbon fiber helmets are available in many different styles and colors. Full face helmet wearers will find the less dense carbon fiber helmets to deliver full face protection in a more comfortable feel. Open faced helmets, motocross helmets, and half helmets are also available.

Claustrophobic of full face helmets? Try Skid Lid Helmets

When you see a biker zooming down the road in brain bucket, you know he is serious about bikes. Skid lid helmets satisfy the legal requirements in some areas that have helmet laws, while giving the motorcycle rider the closest thing to an open air ride he can get away with.

Skid lid helmets are incredibly popular. These helmets are often modeled after the novelty helmets many bikers go crazy over; the difference is in the DOT rating skid lids carry. Skid lids are slim and sleek. The low profile gives the biker the next-to-nothing feeling he prefers. Skid lids offer the lowest acceptable protection allowed by DOT standards.

What makes skid lids so popular? Ask any freedom loving biker! Ask him how it feels to go full throttle down an open coastal road wearing a skid lid as opposed to a full face shield. Likely, you will get a little chuckle and the idea that you just have to try it for yourself.

Skid lid, skull cap, brain bucket; no matter what they are called, these smaller helmets come in many styles and colors. They can resemble the German novelty helmets popular with many of the old school riders, down to the basic black some people prefer. The lightweight design of the skid lid makes storing an extra helmet easier as well.

Leathers and rain gear do a lot for protection and comfort in the chilly months of spring and autumn. Rain and wind combined can make for a very uncomfortable ride for an ill prepared biker. But, what about the hot dog days of late summer? For a lot of motorcycle riders, the idea of wearing a full face shield, or any full sized helmet for that matter, will bring on a case of claustrophobia. For riders like this, these shorty helmets are the only way to ride in the heat of July or the baking sun in mid August.

Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

Women on motorcycles are an increasingly popular site. The motorcycle industry recognizes female riders as the largest growing sector of motorcycle riders. In fact, this May marks the second year in a row that an entire month has been dedicated to the celebration of women on bikes.

There was a time when the motorcycle industry gave women riders a passing thought, but these days a lot has changed. Gear and accessories have seen a revolution in styles, comfort and colors fit for the curvier class of biker. For the girls who love their rides, this couldn’t have come too soon.

Leather and rain gear now come in sizes that fit the smaller, curvier frame women. Motorcycle riders carry chaps that are made smaller as well. Beyond the novelty lines of clothing for biker women, manufacturers now take the female biker more seriously than ever before.

Motorcycle helmets for women are no exception. Instead of the unisex helmets available everywhere, some helmet models are coming out that are made specifically for the ladies. The sizes run smaller than the unisex or men’s helmet varieties. Male sizes can go up as high as a 4XL. The new breed of motorcycle helmets for ladies start out much smaller.

No matter what, color and style cannot be avoided. Women like to express themselves as much (if not more) than anyone else. Motorcycle helmets are no exception. When you see a pink full face shield zooming past, you know a little something about the rider. Add a few butterflies to that pink and you get an even clearer glimpse into her personality. Motorcycle helmets for women, indeed all motorcycle gear for the girls, is about a lot more than just function and safety. It is about showing the world just who you are.

Women motorcycle helmetMotorcycle helmets for ladies and other motorcycle gear can make the job of shopping for a female biker much easier than ever before. Who could go wrong with a new helmet that is just her style and color?

Another bonus of wearing a pink or other feminine motorcycle helmet is obvious. No husband, brother, boyfriend or son is ever going to use your helmet without asking, leaving you scrambling to find it when the urge strikes to get out on the road. You can bet money on that!

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets – Stay in Touch while Riding

Technology has its rewards. Bluetooth helmets enable passenger and driver to stay in touch. Blue tooth helmets are the cutting edge of advancements in motorcycle helmets.

An important factor to consider before purchasing a bluetooth helmet is the helmet’s compatibility with your other devices, like a cell phone, music player or headphone set. Check the helmet out before you buy to be sure.

Another Bluetooth buying tip is to be positive the battery life on a new helmet will extend for the length of an average trip. Avoid suprises going down the road with a battery that dies before you reaching the end of the destination.

One last great plus for owning a Bluetooth helmet is the fact that Bluetooth helmets are often compatible with navigational systems. The benefits to an avid rider are huge. As long as volume settings are comfortable, the use of a navigational device while touring frees the rider up from the awkward and dangerous habit of trying to navigate en route, while trying to keep himself, passenger, and other motorists safe.

Look for a Bluetooth feature on your next helmet purchase.

Retro motorcycle helmets – Nothing says “I am old school”

Retro Motorcycle HelmetNothing says “I am old school” quite like scooting around on a chopper with a retro motorcycle helmet. Think Easy Rider, red and white stripes on the sides and a field of blue and white stars on top. Can you get anymore retro than this?

What draws riders to the retro look? As all riders know, the choice to be a rider in the first place revolves around so much more than a choice of transportation. Bikers are what they are as a lifestyle choice. It follows then that the choice of clothing and accessories will reflect that lifestyle.

Sometimes, the dream to own and ride a shiny piece of machinery that rockets through the open air at high rates of speed is born in childhood. Young boys, and girls, first experience that rush when they watch a movie from the glory days. That passion often sticks with them until, as an adult, they can finally afford the ride of their dreams.

Hunting for classic helmets can be a fun pastime, whether your look of choice resembles a German World War II helmet or a white classic half face helmet the buys from the classic show Chips would sport proudly. The tricky part can be finding a safe helmet that reflects your favorite old-school look. Used helmets can be a bargain, but for safety’s sake, they are not a good way to protect your biker cranium.

No matter where you look for your next old school retro bike helmet, do a quick check for the safety of the helmet first. Be sure you know the DOT status of the helmet you buy. Do not mistake a novelty helmet for a real retro helmet. The result could be hazardous to your health.